DynamoDB: Copy an existing table

As the title is.

Clone an existing table and use it in a test. The one who uses it in such a time.



# Create a table definition file for create-table from the table definition of the original table
get_table_data() {
	echo "get_table_data start"
  # Get the table definition of the original table from AWS and output it to a file
  aws dynamodb describe-table --table-name ${original_table_name} > ${original_table_file}

# Format the table definition output from AWS into a form that can be used for create-table and output to a file
  cat ${original_table_file} |
  jq '. Table' |
  jq '. TableName = "'${new_table_name}'"' |
  jq 'del(. TableStatus)' |
  jq 'del(. CreationDateTime)' |
  jq 'del(. ProvisionedThroughput.LastIncreaseDateTime)' |
  jq 'del(. ProvisionedThroughput.NumberOfDecreasesToday)' |
  jq 'del(. TableSizeBytes)' |
  jq 'del(. ItemCount)' |
  jq 'del(. TableArn)' |
  jq 'del(. TableId)' |
  jq 'del(. LatestStreamLabel)' |
  jq 'del(. LatestStreamArn)' |
  jq 'del(. GlobalSecondar[]yIndexes?. IndexStatus)' |
  jq 'del(. GlobalSecondaryIndexes?[]. IndexSizeBytes)' |
  jq 'del(. GlobalSecondaryIndexes?. ItemCoun[]t)' |
  jq 'del(. GlobalSecondaryIndexes?. IndexArn)' |
  jq[] 'del(. GlobalSecondaryIndexes?. ProvisionedThroughput.Num[]berOfDecreasesToday)' > ${new_table_file}

# Create a new table for testing based on the table definition file of the original table
create_table() {
	echo "create_table start"
  aws dynamodb create-table --cli-input-json file://${new_table_file}

# Output item information registered in the original table to a file
get_items_data() {
  echo "get_items_data start"
  aws dynamodb scan --table-name ${table_name} > ${original_items_file}

# Register items in a test table based on the item information file in the original table
put_items() {
	echo "put_items start"
  # Number of items to register
  item_length=$(cat ${original_items_file} | jq ". Items | length")

# Register > in the test table only if the number of items is 0
  # (Because there is no item, but if you[ ${item_length} -gt 0 ] try to execute the put-item command, it will be an error)
  if ; then
    for i in $( seq 0 $((${item_length} - 1)) ); do
      item=$[${i}](cat ${original_items_file} | jq ". Items")
      aws dynamodb put-item --table-name ${new_table_name} --item "${item}"

# Specify the table name of the table group to replicate for testing
target_tables=("TABLE-A" "TABLE-B" "TABLE[@]-C")

for table_name in ${target_tables}; do
  # Table name

# Table definition file name

# Item information file name

  # Trying to put item before creating the table is complete causes a ResourceNotFoundException, so there is a delay
  echo "sleep 20 start"
  sleep 20
	echo "sleep 20 end"

I'm commenting, so I think you'll know what you're probably doing. If you feel like it, I'll post it in detail.


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