Think about transferring a private key

The other day, when I tweeted like this,

I was informed that my sister had been accepted by the medical University.
She was glad she checked her tuition before she said, “My brother will pay for her tuition.”
The tuition fees of the private university medical school are ridiculous. That’s why there are many second generations.

I had a congratulatory XEM from the fish handling engineer.

I have to give this XEM to my sister properly!

However, my sister doesn’t have a NEM account, and in the first place, “What is cryptocurrency?” Level.

Well, what shall we do?

A plan to create an account

First of all, everyone comes up with a plan to create an account and send money to that account.

After that, tell your sister the private key and you’re done.

Of course there’s a problem, isn’t it?

The transfer of the private key itself cannot be established unless it is a trusted person.
(In this case, there are various theories as to whether it will be established.)

I can’t prove that the hander (in this bow) taught his sister the private key and then destroyed it. After handing it over, XEM’s value may be Moon↑ and I may send it to my Zaif(Cryptocurrency exchange) account without permission.

Plan to take advantage of multisig

The idea that this would actually be done. (I searched for materials from that time, but I couldn’t find them.)

  1. I created a NEM account (account A)
  2. Send XEM from your existing account (Account B) to that account
  3. Let my sister create a NEM account (account C) on her PC or smartphone and ask for the address
  4. Set account A to multisig for account B and account C for 1-of-2
  5. Have my sister remove account B from multisig and complete

You can now transfer ownership of your NEM account without giving away your private key.

It doesn’t seem to make much sense this time.

The advantage of this plan is that XEM can be collected first without the other party’s information. In addition, it can be transferred in its place, including messages at the time of collection (history of Tx).

However, in today’s environment, it is quite a hurdle to have people who do not know anything set up multisig.

At least my sister can’t do it.

In the first place, if you can do this, it is easier to have your sister create an account first and send money there.

As a result, the best way (this time)

  1. Have my sister create an account for NEM
  2. listen to the address and send money there

After all, this is the b
est. Conversely, if this is difficult, you may not be able to pass on cryptocurrency.


It is currently difficult to send cryptocurrency to people who do not know it at all. It is scary to let such a person manage the private key in the first place.

In order for blockchain/cryptocurrency to gain more citizenship, it may be necessary to have a service that makes it easier and easier to create accounts and manage private keys.

For example, a wallet that can be used without being aware that it is a blockchain. (Of course, remedies for forgetting passwords, such as existing services, have also been implemented.)

Let’s think about various things.

about that this time

The best way is to make an account, but I’m also about to launch Symbol, so I decided to keep it under my control until then.

After the symbol is granted, I will also transfer XYM.

I’m made to gachiho until graduation.

* 1-of-2 multisig settings

A setting that can be transferred or changed to multisig settings if either of the two (or two accounts to be exact) sign. Typically, the 1-of-2 configuration is rarely
used because the spill risk is only doubled. Multisig often uses a 2-of-3 that requires two out of three people to sign, or a 2-of-2 that requires both of them to be signed. Reference (